Ruston Regional Specialty Hospital

Our hospital has a regional reputation for specializing in post-acute care services, including long-term acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient therapy services. We also offer home and overnight sleep studies. 

Our Mission is to restore patient health, so they can resume normal actives and go back to work and play. Patients who utilize this hospital tend to live in or have family or loved ones who live in North Louisiana and South Arkansas.

Our hospital is accreditated by the Joint Commission. (JCAHO)

Services Provided

The hospital is fully staffed 24 hours a day by license internists and board-certified specialists, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, case managers and other highly trained and licensed healthcare professionals. 

Patients are referred to the hospital from all over Louisiana and Arkansas. Referrals are made by calling the Intake Coordinator at (318) 251-5392. Staff will answer the telephone seven days per week, 24 hours per day.

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Our Chief Executive Officer

  • Mark Rice

    Thank you for visiting our website. We understand that in doing so you may be contemplating a decision about hospitalization for yourself, a loved one, or a friend. Moreover, we appreciate the multitude of considerations surrounding one’s decision when choosing a quality facility and the weight on the decision maker(s) to make the best decision. For these reasons, we encourage you to take your time and make the absolute best decision for you and your family.


  • Dr. Mark A. Blackwelder

  • Dr. Elvin G. Tubre

  • Dr. Sreenivasa Tadikonda

Consulting Physicians &
Nurse Practitioners

  • Dr. Tarek M. Nammour

  • Dr. Kerry W. Byrnes
    General Surgery

  • Dr. Thomas P. Smith

  • Dr. Navneet Sharma
    Physical Medicine & Rehab

  • Dr. Joshua C. Mandrell

  • Dr. John Brooks

  • Dr. David C. Osafo

  • Dr. Priyanka Jain

  • Dr. Rochelle Robicheaux-Metoyer

  • Dr. Brian L. Stucki

  • Dr. Derek McClusky
    General Surgery

  • Dr. William C. Smith

  • Wynne D. Rinicker, Nurse Practitioner
    General Surgery

  • Dana B. Williams, Nurse Practitioner
    General Surgery

  • Ashley Walpole, Nurse Practitioner

  • Stacey L. Spears, Nurse Practitioner

  • Dena M. Novak, Nurse Practitioner
    Acute Care