A Message from Mark Rice

Thank you for visiting our website. We understand that in doing so you may be contemplating a decision about hospitalization for yourself, a loved one, or a friend. Moreover, we appreciate the multitude of considerations surrounding one’s decision when choosing a quality facility and the weight on the decision maker(s) to make the best decision. For these reasons, we encourage you to take your time and make the absolute best decision for you and your family.

If you live in or around North Central Louisiana, Ruston Regional Specialty Hospital is an excellent choice and here’s why:
  • Our hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations
  • The hospital is covered by physicians who accept new admissions every day of the week and who round on patients daily, 365 days per year
  • We offer 24-hour coverage by intensive care physicians
  • There are specialists available to answer consultations include nephrology, cardiology, surgery, hematology, pulmonology, and others
  • We have surgeons, nurse practitioners and full-time wound certified nurses specializing in the treatment of wound care
  • Every patient and family referred to the facility receives a face to face consultation and evaluation from one of our clinical admission coordinators
  • We have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals offering treatment for complex medical conditions, infections, acute and chronic respiratory failure, ventilator management and weaning, heart failure, stroke, trauma, amputations, exacerbation of chronic illness, multi-system failure, rehabilitation and others
  • Access to our facility is easy and parking is free and convenient
If you require more information, please call the referral line where you will be greeted by a qualified, friendly representative who will be happy to assist you.

Families and friends ask me, “What constitutes a quality hospital?” I tell them it boils down to patient and family satisfaction. Typically, one should expect a hospital to have a patient satisfaction rate greater than 90%. But, as most people suspect, the answer goes further than that. For example, what about the medical staff? Nurses and other staff will usually perform to a level of expectations set by the physicians. Therefore, a demanding and respected team of doctors is the first and most important building block in operating a hospital. Other elements of a good hospital include a well-trained and professional clinical and non-clinical staff, a clinical team focused on patient and family needs, and a clean and safe facility. There is a lot more that could be said, but as is the case in most service industries, customer satisfaction and outcomes are most important to consumers.

At Ruston Regional Specialty Hospital, the latest patient satisfaction scores surpass 95%. This means, that upon discharge more than 95% of our patients and their families say they would recommend our facility to their family members and friends. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment. We believe it reflects, not only the great physicians on staff at the hospital, but also the dedication and commitment of our staff.

If you, your loved one, or anyone else you know, is seeking advanced medical services, we encourage you to consider Ruston Regional Specialty Hospital. We believe you will be happy that you did.
Thank you.